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What Kids Watch on YouTube: From Ryan's World to LOL Surprise!

Kids YouTube

YouTube has become a digital playground for children around the world. With an endless stream of content, it's not just a source of entertainment but also an educational platform and a window into the world of toys, games, and storytelling. Among the sea of channels and videos, some have risen to the top, capturing the hearts and imaginations of our youngest generation. In this blog, we'll dive into the YouTube phenomena like Ryan's World and the craze of LOL Surprise! unboxing that are captivating kids globally.


The Rise of Kid Influencers on YouTube


Understanding the Kid Influencer Phenomenon

In the digital age, the concept of influence has taken on a new dimension with the advent of 'kid influencers.' These young stars are not just passive characters in stories or shows; they are actively shaping trends, toys, and entertainment for their peers. The allure is in their relatability; these are real kids engaging in play, and this resonates with young viewers who see themselves in these YouTube personalities.


Ryan's World: A Case Study in Kid-Friendly Content

Perhaps no other channel embodies the success of the kid influencer better than Ryan's World. Launched by the parents of then three-year-old Ryan Kaji, the channel has grown into a multi-platform empire, complete with its own line of toys and apparel. Ryan's World combines educational content, family-friendly challenges, and, notably, toy unboxing, which remain some of the most popular videos on the channel.


The Allure of Unboxing Videos


The Psychology Behind Unboxing

There's something undeniably captivating about watching someone else open something new. It's the anticipation, the surprise, and the discovery that comes with unboxing that has led to the genre becoming a huge hit on YouTube. For kids, this is even more pronounced. The unboxing video allows them to experience the thrill vicariously, often providing them with information and excitement about toys they're interested in.


Cheap LOL! Surprise Toys

LOL Surprise! Unboxing: Unwrapping the Fun

LOL Surprise! toys have become a staple in the world of unboxing videos. The brand has cleverly leveraged the unboxing trend, ensuring that each doll and accessory is packed with layers of mystery. Kids tune in by the millions to watch their favourite You Tubers reveal each layer, eagerly anticipating what character or accessory will be revealed next. This trend is not just about watching someone else get something; it's a shared experience of surprise and enjoyment that LOL Surprise! has mastered.

Educational Content: Learning Made Fun


Infotainment: Educating the YouTube Generation

Another prominent category of children's content on YouTube is educational videos. These videos seamlessly blend information with entertainment, creating a genre known as 'infotainment.' Channels that excel in this space know how to package lessons in engaging ways, often using animation, songs, and interactive elements to teach basic concepts ranging from the alphabet to complex scientific theories.


How Ryan's World Educates and Entertains

Ryan's World doesn't just unbox toys; the channel also has a significant focus on educational content. By incorporating learning into play, Ryan and his family have managed to create videos that entertain and inform. From simple science experiments to lessons about geography and culture, the channel provides a rich array of content that helps children learn about the world in an accessible and enjoyable way.


Content Creation: What Makes a Kid-Friendly YouTube Hit?

The Ingredients for Success


Creating content that resonates with children is both an art and a science. The successful channels understand their young audience's attention span, interests, and comprehension level. Videos often feature bright colours, quick cuts, engaging sounds, and a friendly tone. They also maintain a high level of interactivity, encouraging viewers to engage through comments, questions, and sometimes even user-generated content.


Staying Safe and Age-Appropriate

With great power comes great responsibility, and channels like Ryan's World are acutely aware of the importance of creating a safe space for kids to explore YouTube. This means not only adhering to the platform's strict guidelines for children's content but also ensuring that their videos promote positive messages, good behaviour, and age-appropriate themes.

The Business of Play: Merchandising and Beyond


Merchandising Opportunities

The popularity of channels like Ryan's World has opened up significant merchandising opportunities. From clothing lines to toys, books, and apps, these young influencers are branching out from the digital world into physical products, extending their brand and allowing fans to engage in new ways.


LOL Surprise! and the Integrated Marketing Approach

LOL Surprise! toys are a prime example of how YouTube content and physical products can create an integrated marketing approach. The unboxing videos serve as a perfect advertisement for the product, encouraging kids to become consumers, and the cycle continues as those children become influencers in their own right, sharing their experiences with peers.


Navigating the YouTube Landscape: Tips for Parents


Setting Boundaries and Ensuring Safe Viewing

For parents, navigating the YouTube landscape can be daunting. It's essential to be aware of what your children are watching and to ensure they're viewing age-appropriate content. Making use of YouTube's parental controls and curated content on YouTube Kids can help manage what children are exposed to.


Encouraging Balanced Consumption

While channels like Ryan's World and the trend of LOL Surprise! unboxing offer a lot of positives, it's crucial to encourage a balanced consumption of digital content. Physical play, reading, and other non-screen activities are important for a child's development and should be part of their daily routine.


In this day and age you tube has become a very big part of children's lives. The vast range of content You Tube has from educational videos to the thrill of unboxing. Influencers like Ryan's World have shown that with creativity and an understanding of their audience, content creators can produce engaging, family-friendly content. It is clear that YouTube will remain as a central part of children entertainment.


What does your child like to watch on YouTube?

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