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A Camper's Guide: Keeping Children Entertained during Camping Trips

Camping trips can be exciting, adventurous, and educational. However, if you're planning a trip with kids, you know all too well the importance of keeping them entertained. Kids may get bored easily, and keeping them engaged is essential to make the trip enjoyable for everyone. With a well-thought-out strategy, your little ones can not only stay entertained but also learn to appreciate the great outdoors. Here's how:


1. Plan Ahead:


The key to a successful camping trip with children lies in planning. Familiarize yourself with the campsite and the activities it offers. Consider facilities like hiking trails, water bodies for canoeing or swimming, and open spaces for games. Ensure you pack adequate toys, board games, books, and craft supplies to keep them occupied during downtime. Remember to cater to their interests while planning activities.


2. Organize Scavenger Hunts:


Scavenger hunts are fantastic ways to engage children in a fun and educational activity. You can create a list of items they can find around the campsite, like pine cones, different types of leaves, or stones. This activity encourages exploration and increases their knowledge of nature.


3. Introduce Them to Photography:


You don't need a professional camera for this. A simple point-and-shoot or a smartphone camera will do. Teach your children the basics of photography and let them capture their surroundings. This activity not only keeps them entertained but also develops a keen eye for detail and aesthetics.


4. Embrace Night-Time Activities:


Night-time need not be just for sleeping. With a clear sky overhead, it's a perfect time for stargazing. Teach your children about different constellations and their stories. You can also play flashlight tag or tell stories around the campfire, all under the beauty of the starlit sky.


5. Plan a Nature Walk:


Nature walks are not just great physical exercises; they're also fantastic opportunities to teach children about local flora and fauna. Turn it into a game by spotting different animals or identifying plants. Be sure to have a local guide or book to assist.


6. Craft Time with Nature:


Let the campsite be your art supply store. Encourage your kids to collect unique pieces from nature like leaves, twigs, stones, or flowers. Use these materials to create nature-themed crafts like leaf prints, painted stones, or twig sculptures.


7. Bring Books and Board Games:


Sometimes, it's nice to sit back and relax at your campsite. For these quiet moments, bring along some of your children's favorite books or board games. This will keep them entertained and also provide opportunities for family bonding.


8. Teach Survival Skills:


This doesn't mean you have to train your kids for 'Man vs. Wild', but basic survival skills can be exciting for children to learn and might come in handy someday. This could include learning to set up a tent, starting a fire (under adult supervision), tying knots, reading a map, or using a compass.


9. Plan Cooking Activities:


Camping offers the perfect opportunity to teach kids basic cooking skills. Plan for meals that they can participate in making, like roasting marshmallows or making hot dogs. It's also a great time to teach them about cooking safety, especially around open fires.


10. Create a Camping Journal:


Encourage your children to document their camping experiences in a journal. They can draw, write, or paste items from the campsite, like a leaf or a photo they took. This activity cultivates observation and self-reflection while creating a personal keepsake of their adventure.


Remember, the goal is to engage your child's curiosity, creativity, and love for learning. While activities are essential, also let your children enjoy their free time to explore, play, and make their own fun. Children often have a unique perspective on things. You might be surprised by their capacity to turn a simple camping trip into an unforgettable adventure.


To make your camping trip even more enjoyable and engaging for the young adventurers, we have compiled a list of the top 10 camping toys for children. These toys not only add fun to the experience but also encourage creativity, imagination, and a love for the great outdoors.


1. Adventure Binoculars: Bring the wonders of nature up close with a pair of durable and kid-friendly binoculars. Watch birds soaring high above, spot critters in their natural habitat, and explore the wilderness like real explorers. Adventure binoculars spark curiosity and make every walk through the woods an exciting expedition.


2. Nature Scavenger Hunt Kit: A nature scavenger hunt kit is a perfect way to keep children engaged while teaching them about the environment. Include a checklist of items they can find in nature, such as leaves, rocks, animal tracks, or certain wildlife. This fun-filled activity will not only keep them entertained but also deepen their connection with nature.


3. Outdoor Toys: From traditional outdoor games like skipping ropes, frisbees, and hula hoops these toys encourage physical fitness and coordination. Outdoor toys are a great addition to any camping trip. 


4. Campfire Storytelling Cards: Stimulate your child's imagination and storytelling skills with a set of campfire storytelling cards. Each card can have a picture or a word prompt, helping children create their own tales of adventure, mystery, and wonder.


5. Light-up Tent Pegs: Make setting up the tent an enjoyable experience with light-up tent pegs. These colourful and glowing pegs add a touch of magic to the campsite and make it easier for children to find their way back to their tent after night-time excursions.


6. Art Set: Encourage creativity amidst nature with an outdoor art set. Include sketchpad, coloured pencils, watercolours, and a portable easel. Children can capture the beauty of the wilderness through their art, creating lasting memories of their camping experience.


7. Pocket Multi-tool: For the older and more responsible campers, a pocket multi-tool can be an exciting and useful gadget. Choose a child-friendly version that includes basic tools like scissors, a small knife (with safety features), and screwdrivers. Teach them essential outdoor skills and foster a sense of self-reliance.


8. Solar-Powered Light: Eco-friendly and practical, a solar-powered light is a must-have for any camping trip. These lights can be easily charged during the day and provide a warm glow at night inside the tent or around the campsite.


9. Kids' Camping Chair: Ensure your young campers have their own comfortable and colorful camping chairs. Having their designated seating space adds to the feeling of independence and ownership during the trip.


10. Activity books and craft kits: Let your kids explore the great outdoors with the Disney Activity Book & Craft Kit Awesome Outdoor's! This fun and educational kit is perfect for kids who are eager to learn more about nature, with an activity book full of puzzles and projects, plus art supplies to make their own creations. A camping trip essential to keep the kids occupied! 


In conclusion, a successful camping trip with children requires planning, creativity, and flexibility. While it's important to prepare activities, it's equally crucial to give children space to explore on their own. So, next time you plan a camping trip, keep these ideas in mind, and you'll have an enjoyable and enriching experience with your little ones. Happy Camping! 


Which are your favourite camping toys to keep the kid's entertained? 

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